Monday, June 8, 2009

ShitiMortgage a MoTheR*uCk@R! Wont Lift a Finger to Help Us Stay in Our Home

If you recall in my blog of Thursday, May 21, I talked about my futile battle with Citifinancial Mortgage Co to get our interest rate lowered. Currently we are paying 8 3/4 % while the national average is about 4 or 5%. Do you think they would budge? Not a chance. They reason that since we had been making the payments right along, it was apparent to them that we were able to pay the 8 3/4% and therefore should continue doing so! Flabbergasted I asked, in a not so humble tone, "You mean to tell me there is nothing you can do for us to get our interest rate down?" Shitis' reply, "just keep making your payments. Here is a link to the rant about the interest rate;

The Continuing Saga; Wait til you hear what they done next about

THE TAXES. Its un-friggin real!

To be con't tomorrow
too tired to fUk w/it tonite, but it seems that ShitiMortgage is trying to make it so it will be impossible for us to keep the house. I thought they were supposed to be working to help homeowners keep their homes, at least, that is what the politicians were telling us when they gave them all that bailout $$$.

More about the tax thing will blow you away...

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