Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Ray of Hope (dashed)?

Success at last for making contact with Annette (who I call) my "caseworker" at "Big-Shiti." I was beginning to think for a time that she was avoiding me (for some strange unknown reason) Must make note of gist of our conversation today and the resultant end of same. Mutch too much tired to go any further tonite. It has been a very rough last couple of days. Just getting over the sadness of fathersday without him, and now, mothers birthday tomorow. Gosh I miss them so much. Cherish your parents (and grandparents) while you can. Just a silly reminder. Heres another one, be sure and check back soon for an update to this story.

Update: June 27, 2009

Annette, my "caseworker" at $hiti informs me that since our minimum payments balloned from $519 to $930, and now, with late fee and penalties and fines, its over $10,000 they want for a minimum payment - we are NOW (at last!) finally (may-be) eligible for a loan modification! Isnt that wonderful news - that we MAY be eligible. Well, it beats what they were saying before, that due to making so much money a year ($30,000) we absolutely WERE NOT eligible, so I guess we are making progress,....knowing now that at least we MAY be;

Here is what Annette has told me she is going to do for us; (no guarantees, she says) submit a loan modification application to the further-ups to see if we can get our interest rate lowered from 8 3/45 to 2% (!) add in our taxes and insurance and all our "arrears" and keep the payments under $500!!!!! Wouldnt that be wonderful? She even told me to hold off sending any payment until I heard from her regarding our application. I told Annette that if $hiti could make that happen, I would happen, I would have to take down this website and start talking "nice" about them! We shall see said the blindman...stay tuned for more updates on our amazing adventure with $hiti.

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