Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Day, Another Attempt to Connect & Resolve

First thing this morning I called the "loss mitigation" department of $hitiMortgage. Amazingly, I got through to someone and after about 1/2hr of my venting, the party told me I had the wrong party...that my "caseworker" was Alysa Bryson and that I should talk to her at 800-525-8246. He transferred me over (what! No Disconnect?) and got her answering machine. I left a message for her to call me inregards to newxt months mortgage payment which we cant make cause it balloned from $519 per mo to over $900 per month because of them paying off our 08 taxes and creating a seperate escrow account for them. By the way, these are the 08 taxes that are already being paid off through our Chap 13 payment plan! So now we are paying them twice.

The question is, shall I send $hitiMortgage anything at all? We could sent the original amount ($519) as "good faith" money that we want to work with them, but there is no way we can pay $900. The alternate plan, to tell them to FOff and start foreclosing, you know, stop paying all togther and do a little "Mortgage Squatting." I am sure since we are in a Chap 13 BK that we could drag it out for at least another two years (after the BK is over) before $hiti can even think about foreclosing,...that is, IF they can find the original note and mortgage contract.
We never signed anything with $hiti - our original loan was through FDA.

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