Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend or Foe: Consumer Credit Counseling Services

I was browsing around on the net looking for information on how to save our home. Surely, I thought to myself, there must be some help out there for us...what with all the pre-bailout hype we heard from Congress when they were trying to get their BIG BANK bailout bills passed. You remember, dont you, who was it Barney Franks or Rangal or one of those politicio crooks, the one that is chairman (I think) of the house ways and means financial committees - whomever it was, I remember him stanind before congress and the world, supportin a YES vote on the BigBankBail, saying that it would be a good thing for "us" meaning the US - reasoning for us that if the big banks fail we all fail, and we, as Americans, couldnt or rather shouldnt allow that. He told us by helping the banks, the money would be used to help stop foreclosures & to assist homeowners in keeping thier homes. I specifically remember this guy (whomever his name is) telling us that if we passed this bill and the banks didnt work with us, (he even went so far as to say,) Americans could "contact him directly if anybody had a problem or complaint about a banks not wanting to help them. Given my situation with all the lawsuits and bankruptcies and stuff and our "un-certain" financial future, can imagine how interested I was in the subject and happy to hear the "good news" that the banks would be willing to help us keep our home! I remember thinking to myself , "I better keep track of that guy, I might need him someday. If I have any trouble with our Shiti bank, I will know who to contact." It was kinda a relief to know that at least, there was one person in Congress we could count on for help in getting the banks to do the right thing, post-bailout. Now, almost a year after the bailout, and I have some real complaints to voice, ll, I cant even remember his face or name!

Anyways, like I said, I was browsing around the internet looking for info on "How to Save Your Home" when I came across this what I thought or hoped would be or will be helpful link; We have started a case with them; Claim # 2012440


I called the telephone number on the website and within minutes got a free 45 min telephone consulation with a financial counselor. First thing he did was crunch the numbers, you know, our income against outgo and all that. After a few minutes, he come back with the bad (but not so shocking) news; we spend more than we make. Ha ha ha! I am laughing becuase WTF else is new? We thought that was the American way! Wait a minute. Here comes the relly I mean really good part....

He wants us to learn how to budget. This fiancial counselor apparently lays alot of blame for the foreclosure mess to our failure to live within our budgets." Of course right away I had to ask, "You mean like mean like our government." Ha Ha Ha

Of course he says Im not talking to the govt I am talking to you. and i said well maybe you should talk to to govt for they are the only ones who can really do anything to put pressure on the banks to make them lay off of the little guys and cut them some slack.

To be continued.....soon (I hope)

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