Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Disconnect Problem with $hiti

Well my free HUD approved Consumer Credit Counselor says to contact $hiti to ask them if they participate in the "Home Affordability Plan." I have talked a little before about the problems I encounter everytime I go to call them on the phone. I get put on hold, switched around to different departments and generally given the run-around until almost inevidably I get disconnected.

Today at 9:35, when I called the $hiti-Folk at the "Loss Mitigation" Department, its the same old story. Connect then switchover to the correct dept and then, another disconnect. I shall try this number one more time today; 1-800-422-1498 ex. 12091

June ____10:50 am; now if this aint enough BS to fuk up your whole day. Another disconnect as they were switching me to the right department....am I expected to sit here all day trying to get through? Maybe I should write them a dam letter and CC it to all interested parties; including my legislative representatives.

Third Try Today: 11am I called the exact same number as above and when an operater answered this time, she told me to call a different number and so I did. Here is the number she told me to call for the loss mitigation dept; 866-702-5963. Can you believe it? Here is the message I got "The number number or code you have dialed is incorrect."

I am going to call it quits for today and, like I said, write them a dam letter. Maybe that will get through to them ok.

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