Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Judges Help the Banks

This is just some quick search info on Maricopa County pensions.

No wonder the judges and cops will break any law to help the banks. 2
years ago they had $680 million in their retirement, now they have $260
million. They know if the banks lose there will be nothing left for them.
The pensions were so vested in real estate mortgages, both US and
foreign, the pension fund is going down almost twice as fast as the rest
of us.

They are backed in a corner and must either rip us off or go broke.

The attached documents just scratch the surface of what we need to
discover. Once we can verify the judge is writing orders in violation of
state law AND protects his investment, we have sufficient grounds for Qui
Tam, Whistle blower, RICO and HOBBS on the judges.~ John Stuart

Here are some websites that correspond to the attachments

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