Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Restore America" Scam

Even if you are not familiar with the RESTORE AMERICAN PLAN and the
"grand jury" that they have "created" please post this document
everywhere. The people need to know what is truly behind it. This is
their document for the "leaders" that the people were not supposed read.
It is well written, but the bases for it is what scares the hell out of
me. Pay special attention to page 6, where if they don't like what the
jurors do, the "leadership council" can remove them.
The "leadership council" has basically appointed Tim Turner, a "former"
FEMA and/or DHS agent as president over everyone.
I believe this group is very dangerous and nothing more than a con by a
bunch of "carpetbaggers" to rip off people that don't know what is
really going on. They do not want even their own "grand jurors" to have
this document.
I do not believe they want to "restore" anything, I believe they want to
take over Americans lives and use the people the same way everyone that
tries to be in charge always does.
I know I will catch a lot of crap for releasing this document and all
the people ignorant enough to believe the people behind this crap are in
it for anything but the money are going to blindly defend their new
leaders. But my job is to spread the truth.
If you are part of that group I advise you to wake the hell up and see
who your leaders really are before they lead you into the abyss and
steal everything you own.
Look up Tim Turner's actual cases that he claims he won and see for
yourself it is nothing but lies. Look up the cases of people who have
used his crap and contact them and see what they think now. Check the
visiting hours first so you don't make a wasted trip.
If you chose to not do your own due diligence and not believe me, don't
blame anyone, the government included, but yourself for what happens to
you and your family.
Tim Turner is not like Jesus and the founding fathers as I have heard
him claim. I have not discovered any document where the FF or Jesus
charged hundreds of dollars for seminars to tell lies to people and
cause them to believe in some bullshit process that has never worked and
can't work. If it did and Turner and his group has access to billions of
dollars, why would they need a few hundred from some guy that can't pay
his bills. Get real people, before it is too late.
You have my word, the RESTORE AMERICA PLAN and all the crap involved is
a scam to rip you off and is flat out dangerous. It is ran by people
that use honest people to deliver their lies so the lies appear as
truths. I advise everyone to get out and quit following those people
before everything goes to hell in a handbag.
When you find who the people that started it really are and what they
are really trying to do you will be glad you left in time.
Discover the truth while you still can.


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