Friday, July 23, 2010

$hiti-Lies / LIZ CORY

Well now, remember so many months ago when it was reported we had a victory in our fight with $hiti to modify our loan? Well, I take it back. We get a call from $hiti who wanted to set up an appointment to send one of their own notary publics out to our house with the documents so we could sign them and get them back to $hiti. However, I did not like the idea of having to sign the documents without having a chance to have our lawyer or even our banker to review them and I let them know I thought it was only fair that we be given a chance to review them before we signed them. On July 2nd I called and spoke to a man named Bob at the executive office who told me he would send them out through UPS that day. Still, we are waiting. A couple of days ago I got a call from LIZ CORY at the loss-mitigation dept who asked me if I had a chance to go over the documents yet and I said,..."review them?" "We havent even received them yet!" She got all indignant acting on like I was lying and stuff,..well you can imagine how it went after that. After things calmed down, we decided that we could do it through email and LIZ CORY took my email addy and told me that she we would be sending the email right away. I waitied all day by my computer and nothing came. The next day I called her to let her know that I was still waiting for her email and again, she "went off" and implied that I was lying and attempting to stall the process. After much more heated debate it was agreed that $hiti would fax them over (ot our banker) who I had waiting at his fax machine to receive. He waited all day and nothing came. The next day I called $hiti back and they informed me that the doc were sent via UPS on July 19, 2010. So we habe been waiting eversince for the UPS package to come.

Today, I get a call from our obnoxious loss-mitigation worker LIZ CORY who informs me that the documents were delieved to my door via UPS on July 19th.asking "did we sign them yet?" Huh? When I told her that we have received no documents from $hiti on the 19th or any other day, she got indignant (again) and commenced in to her implying that we were lairs, stating that she had "proof" that the package was delivered to our home on July 19, 2010, and accusing me (on again) of stalling . She gave me this tracking # 1ZR04R700297084952 and when I go to check it on line I get a "no info" message. Then I call the UPS Tracking store at 1 800 742-5877 and get a gal named Jackie (Employee # 2252) who informs me that the only "record" they have of this "package" is that A LABEL was created by $hitiMortgage on this day, but she couldnt even verify for me that a package was even sent!!! I am sooo tired of $hitis BS but particularly of loss-mitigation worker LIZ CORY who has accused us of out-right lying in these matters time and time again, all the while "reminding" me that $hiti has "bent over backwards" for us (yeah, right) and also accusing us again of intentionally stalling the process.....
I have complained a number of times to the Treasurey Dept about this kind of treatment by LIZ CORY of $hitiMortgage and they put me with this gal Monica from Home Affordable Solutions who has promiced to look into this matter for us. I told her as I have told $hiti I will NOT be talking to LIZ CORY again upon the advise of my mental health counselor.
He is going to write a letter to $hiti to let them know that she is detrimental to my health.

Geesh. This is what I get when I tracked on line;
Tracking Detail Help

Billing information has been sent to UPS. Check site later for updated shipment status or contact shipper for more details.

Tracking Information
Tracking Number: 1ZR04R700297084952 Status: Billing Information Received Shipped To: JOHNSONVILLE, NY, US Shipped/Billed On: 07/19/2010 Reference Number(s): 007100000026986 Type: Package Service: 2ND DAY AIR

According to Jackie (UPS Empolyee # 2252) this info means only that a label was created by the senders and billing info was received by UPS from the sender but shows also that no package has actually been shipped yet.....

See why I call them $hiti?

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