Thursday, December 23, 2010

NY Fraudulent Forclosures


A year ago, a New York judge wiped out the mortgage debt of Diana Yano-Horoski because of the shoddy behavior of the foreclosure plaintiff, IndMac. Now the New York Supremes have overturned the ruling. See the related article and ruling below

Storm Bradford of
has repeatedly advised foreclosure victims that they have NO HOPE of avoiding the foreclosure unless they can prove fraud in the transaction. This case provides a clear example of the false hope people get when a lower court judge tosses a mortgage debt. The Plaintiff will win on appeal because the US Constitution prohibits states from making laws (and court rulings often have the effect of making laws) that impair the obligations of contract.

If you want to PROVE fraud so that you have some ghost of a chance of winning your case, contact Storm at the above web link, or Malcolm Doney at

You might also consider finding an expert witness who can explain to the court the kind of scam lenders play on borrowers.

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