Monday, September 13, 2010

Shiti Wars Continued...

Called today and spoke to worker LMullins 88334 who transferred me to (yeee gads) Liz Cory again,...the one that accused us of lying on three different occasions. I asked Liz if we could have someone else from $hiti to work with us and she said No it was her or no one, so then I asked to speak with her supervisor and SUPRIZE she put Matthew Johnson on the phone who I am speaking with now.....My first question to him was "what kind of plan does $hiti offer for its upside-down mortgage holders ? The simple ans is NONE. He informed me that $hiti has no such plan and I then asked...."well that is just your policy, but couldnt you, if you wanted to, make an exception, as all the OTHER big banks are doing now on their own, as per Obomba's Jan. 2010 Directive?"...He didnt know what to

Anyways, wefinally got a statement from $hiti, that they would only send by "special request,"... saying the total we owe is $78,047.49, so my next question to him was this: If we only owe $78,047.49, how come the total on our modification plan is $95,000+? He also didnt know what to say but promiced to look into it....

The most amazing thing I learned of this conversation was that $hiti' has the house valued (their BPO) at $135,000 and it is NO WHERE NEAR worth that amount - so I asked them what did they base that amount on - indicating to him that NO house in our neighborhood is worth that much! Again, no discernable ans.

I am thinking this is the type of Illegal, Artificial Inflation of the value of the securities that has $hiti in hot water with the SEC and  in the federal district court right now! I told them that if they couldnt work us out a batter plan, more in line of the actual value of the home, go ahead and start the forclosure process and we would move to have our contract decalred Null and Void based on the illegalities involved....end of story. Next call goes out to our Chap 13 BK let her know what to expect, and,...oh yeah, and also, time to file a complaint with;

DONE - 9/13/2010
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at (800) 613-6743

Federal Reserve Board at (888) 851-1920

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at (877) 275-3342

Office of Thrift Supervision at ( 800) 842-6929

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