Friday, May 14, 2010

$hiti Gets "Nice" (All of a Sudden)

Well I got a call today (out of the blue) from Liz at $hiti-Banks Loss Mitigation Dept who, informs me now that it is not necessary for us to submit any further paperwork! "What?" I said to her, "This is wonderful news." It is particular wonderful when you consider they were asking for copies of a document that we just didnt have (hubbies 1099) which of course, he sent into the IRS when he filed his income taxes. I'll never forget $hiti's remarks when they learned that we didnt make a copy of it before we sent it out. "Most people," they told me, "make copies of their documents (scheduals and all) before they send them out." I had to remind her that "we" are not "most people." So now it turns out after all that those documents would not be necessary, which is a good thing because if $hiti had insisted we get a copy for them, it it would have taken another month or more to get,..."besides," I reminded them, "you have all the current info on file and nothing much has changed since then." $hiti said that they can work with they have, and they would complete the process within a matter of days. I asked if $hiti was leveling late charges or any other kind of penalty upon us during the course of these negotiations and I was assured by Liz that they are not......she informed me also that some of the late charges and penalties for our arrears would be waived. Isnt that grand of them!?
Now there is nothing left for us to do except sit and wait for $hiti to finalize "our plan."
I was feeling pretty good about "winning the $hiti War" with my "hard line" stance against them when I opened my mail this morning to find the NY Attorney General might have had something to do with $hiti's "nice." He is what the headlines said:

NY Attorney General Investigates Eight Banks for Mortgage Fraud
(including $hiti!)

Thank you Andy!

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