Sunday, December 6, 2009

UpDate: $hiti-Loan Modification Process

Well today we got a package in the mail from $hiti (Fed Overnight Express) informing us that we have successfully completed the 3 month "probationary" period re: our "application" for a loan modification so we can keep our home which is in danger of foreclosure.....
Well isnt that some very good news. However, we were led to believe that once we completed the 3 mo probationary period, that we would "automatically" be approved for a loan modification and that the next step would be for them ($hiti) to work out an affordable mortgage payment plan for us. NOW, in this packet received today, we are told we must go through a "Mortgage Counseling Service" as a "next step" in the loan modification process.....WTF!!? More loops to jump through and scads more paperwork for us to fill out. I am about ready to tell the CEOs at $hiti that if THEY go to "Money Management Counseling" also, we will go to ours. Why are the consumers being treated like errant children when it is the banksters to blame for this mess?

I think I am going to tell them to SHOVE the "counseling" BS and GET ON with the business of forclosure but will also warn them that they better be able to prove "standing to sue" (ownership)as they havent a copy of the original NOTE as was lost in the ILLEGAL BUNDLING process.
I called $hiti today as instructed (at 1-866-413-4560) but got put on hold for over 20 minutes and was ultimately disconnected before I could speak to anyone.

I tried $hiti again today (Dec. 9) 11:05 am (ET) and keep getting a recording that "all operatiors are busy helping other customers," and asking me to "please hold the line." I am wondering how long they want me to stay on hold.....tic tock tick tick I am waiting on hold now.....tick toc tick toc...good thing my "forclosure clock" aint ticking. They havent even begun forclosure on us yet. Opps. Here is that message again,..."Please continue to hold and thank you for your patience." And yes I am still holding but will wait no longer than the usual 20 minutes. I have other things to do rather than stay on the line waitiing for $hiti all day...tic tock......tic tock,..easy listnin musack in the background...tick toc . Why dont they play "the asshole song" for us as that is what they must think we are for attempting to jump through all their impossible and/or improbable "mortgage assiatance" some trained trick dog or pony show act. At the end of this 20 minute wait, I think I shall write them a letter and CC a copy to MICHAEL BARR, Assistant Secretary of Financial Institutions for the US Treasury Dept..... and ask HIm WTF the problem is with getting our loan modified.

Homeownership is almost impossible today for the average working joe, as the taxes are constantly being raised, so what is the sense of fighting to keep your home if you are going to get taxed to death right into the poor-house anyways? The American Dream of Home Ownership has turned into a Nightmare. Thank you very much for nothing Big Banksters, Goldman Sucks and the Federal Reserve.

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